Home Mortgages

Whether you are buying a home or refinancing an existing home, it is important to make informed mortgage finance decisions. Mary will take the time to find the best mortgage rate and plan and review your home mortgage options, terms and conditions to help you manage your mortgage payments.

Determining a property’s value is an essential step in the mortgage application process. You can help by providing precise and accurate information about your property or the property you wish to purchase through your Home Mortgages Professional.

Mortgage Planning is of utmost importance when financing a home. Make sure to take into consideration that mortgage rates could increase if you choose to renew your mortgage at a later date or perhaps you may lose your source of income or other scenarios you are unaware of. Mary can help you plan to be home mortgage free faster and create a nest egg in case of unforeseen financial difficulties.

There are a several ways to pay your home mortgages down sooner and save money on interest.  These include making accelerated weekly or biweekly payments on your home mortgages, taking advantage of prepayment privileges such as making lump sum payments to your mortgage principal, and increasing your regular mortgage payment amount. Ask your Home Mortgages Professional for additional information on these topics when arranging your mortgage financing.

Interested in finding out how much your home mortgages will cost you monthly? Visit our home mortgages calculator page to find out!

We also offer second mortgages, private mortgages, mortgages for the self-employed, second mortgages for property tax arrears, revenue Canada Debts, home equity take outs, farms, commercial property, residential property, bad credit, no credit, power of sales, self-employed and more.

Call Mary to set up a home mortgage appointment at the location of your choice today and find out the best mortgage rates available for your home purchase or mortgage refinancing.