Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans or  home equity loans and home equity lines of credit can help you find money to put toward that new kitchen you want or addition or work shop you always wanted. If you have a considerable amount of equity in your house, you can refinance and use some of the equity you have built up toward home repairs or remodeling.

By determining the worth of your home and how much you owe, Mary can determine how much you have in home equity and how much you can use toward your home improvements, vacation or child’s education. The choice is yours,  you can use your home equity loan for anything you need!

Receive up to as much as 80% of the appraised value of your home minus what you already owe on your mortgage. For example if your home is appraised at being worth $300,000.00 and you owe $100,000.00 on your mortgage, you may be able to access up to $160,000.00 in funds by qualifying for a home equity line of credit or mortgage.

Make an appointment with Mary to discuss all your home equity options and find out how much home equity is available to you to fund your plans.